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1. Review our Privacy Policy to learn in detail the terms and conditions concerning the protection of data stored on this site.




1. Check our Terms and Conditions to know in detail the terms and conditions on use, purchase and procurement of goods and services on this site.


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Terms and Conditions relating to websites and (hereinafter WEBSITE) owned by Antony Joyeros SL Calle San Agustin, 6 Mazarrón (Murcia). Sheet 1756 I, Libro 0, Folio 216, Sección 8, Hoja MU-33264, Inscripción 1. CIF: B-73113433 (hereinafter Joyeros Antony).

The user expressly authorizes Antony Joyeros to obtain all information on this web site for the development of trade relations between the two sides can be provided to third parties for the performance of their services, transport, installations, financial institutions, etc.. -. In all cases, which is strictly necessary for the activity to be undertaken. It also allows the user to Antony Joyeros data collected are used to carry out information campaigns and promotional activities of products or services from Joyeros Antony, Antony Joyeros that believes would be of interest.

At any time you can exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to you under the current Law 15/1999 on Data Protection, notificándonoslo simply by phone, mail, fax or email to Antony Joyeros SL:

- Phone / Fax: (34) 968 590 936

- Address: Calle San Agustin 6, 30870 Mazarrón (Murcia)

- Email:

The computer file that contains all this information is registered with the Agency for Protection of Personal Data (APD), and Antony Jewelers is committed to complying with all specifications and requirements to the Agency required under the Act 15 / 1999 Protection of Personal Data, ie:

1. Obtain the data in a legal

2. Request permission from the owners of the data, reporting the origin of the data available, the identity of their treatment, the aim of this service, and his rights (information, access, correction and cancellation)

3. Notice at the time of data entry, they will be stored and processed by automated methods for carrying out the services described by at least a link to this Privacy Policy

4. The data are adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose for which they were obtained

5. That data are not used for other purposes for which it was collected or described in this Privacy Policy

6. That data is canceled when no longer necessary

7. Take appropriate technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security of this data and avoid its alteration, loss and unauthorized.


Should for any reason, your data will be transferred to third Antony Joyeros company is contractually obliged to inform you as soon as possible of this fact, the purpose of the assignment and that their data has been transferred by Antony Joyeros and to continue to guarantee their rights of access, modification and cancellation. Where in any way you want your data transferred to third ampré will bring them to Antony Joyeros by check box, you will find in any of the application forms of information contained in this website.

Antony Jewelers reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy or the terms of use of our services for reasons of adaptation to existing legislation or other reasons, it is recommended that the user of this website periodically review this page as the use of this website by the user shall be construed as acceptance of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use then in effect.